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Allow us to present Insuro Market
by Insuro Technologies.

As consumer behavior changes rapidly, with customers constantly staying up to date online, something more is needed to keep the insurance offering fresh and attractive. To position your products better, you need always up-to-date market intelligence on your competitors’ terms and conditions.

How Insuro Market works

Insuro Market is a modular subscription service that gives you constant access to the latest market data. Insuro Technologies takes care of the exacting task of monitoring the market’s terms, analyzing and packaging the information, and delivering it to you in a simple and readily comprehensible interface. Insuro Market consists of:

– Market Watch™

This module monitors your competitors and shows those companies’ latest terms and conditions. You can immediately see when a competitor changes their terms, allowing you to adapt your products.

– Market Analyzer™

Compare your terms with those of competitors in real time, so you can adapt your own offering and keep it as competitive as possible. Get full access to historical data for more in-depth analysis.

– Market Designer™

Show the insurance protection level as a percentage. The system provides an up-to-date score for your products. By altering/simulating new terms, you can see how your score rates compared to what else is on the market.

New times call for new insurance tools

We know how time consuming it is to keep an eye on all the various insurance terms and conditions out there on the market. So, it’s not surprising that some insurance companies review and adjust their terms just once a year – after all, it takes so much time to gather and compile all relevant information. Not to mention the difficulty coordinating all those PDF and Excel files to gain some kind of overview. There’s no doubt that correctly benchmarking the various insurance terms on the market, so that you can then position your products optimally, is quite a challenge.

Thankfully, there is a solution. Rather than manually monitoring the market, you can use Insuro Market by Insuro Technologies – an innovative new way to make sure your insurance products are more relevant and competitive.

How do I get Insuro Market?

Insuro Market is a license-based digital tool designed to meet the informational needs of insurance companies and brokers. With an Insuro Technologies user agreement, you can access the service through your browser, without any expensive installation or integration costs. You can immediately begin developing your insurance products and position them better on the market.

Contact Insuro Technologies today to create more relevant and competitive insurance products. The insurance offering of the future is transparent, initiated and fact-based – and comes through Insuro Technologies.

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