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At Insuro Technologies, we envision a world where every insurance is powered by real-time market intelligence and has a profound impact on people’s lives. Our mission is to bridge the gap between insurance provider and customer with data-driven solutions that not only mitigate risk, but also offer a personalized, relevant and human-centric insurance experience.

We believe insurance should be accessible, tailored to individual needs, and a positive experience for both insurance customer and provider.  We understand the importance insurance plays in safeguarding what matters most to people. And we’re committed to making the process of obtaining and using insurance easier and more accessible. We see a future where insurance is a natural part of peoples daily lives, seamlessly integrated into every transactions and event that occur.

Our team of 114 experts across 5 European locations boasts extensive experience in creating successful solutions for the insurance industry and beyond.




We innovate to deliver cutting edge technology solutions.

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We innovate to deliver cutting edge technology solutions.



We innovate to deliver cutting edge technology solutions.

  • Fredrik Alstierna
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Pål Borge
  • Dennis Zikovic
    VP Product Development
  • Rickard Dahlroth
    VP CFO