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Allow us to present Insuro Sales Support
by Insuro Technologies.

Staying on top of all the different insurance terms and conditions can be a challenge even for experienced agents. With Insuro Sales Support, you can quickly and easily help your insurance customers make the right decision with fact-based sales and customer support.

From manual to automated data collection

You’ve probably experienced the situation before, whether you work at an insurance company or are an independent broker. To get an overview of the different insurance terms in the marketplace, you collect as many product leaflets or PDFs as possible. This manual labor is time-consuming, and the information can quickly become outdated.

Imagine if there was a smarter way to access the most up-to-date information – a process that eliminates time-consuming data collection and makes it easy to compare all the products! Meet Insuro Sales Support – fact-based sales and customer support from Insuro Technologies.

What is Insuro Sales Support?

Insuro Sales Support is a digital tool that continuously collects and presents insurance terms from the leading insurers in Sweden. A simple interface gives you a quick overview of the products available in the marketplace, allowing you to compare the different policies in detail.

How do the proposals of your company stand out from your competitors? Insuro Sales Support delivers this information, making it easy for you to help your customer initiate the purchase process. Since customers know you possess accurate, updated market information, the fact-based sales process ensures transparency and trust.

Benefits of Insuro Sales Support

Insuro Sales Support fact-based sales and customer support provides a number of benefits, such as more satisfied, loyal customers and higher efficiency and profitability for both you and your insurance company.

– Higher sales and profitability

By comparing your terms and conditions with those of your competitors, you can deliver the detailed information every customer needs. This shifts the focus to things other than simply dollars and cents.

– More knowledgeable staff

Your employees get a tool that keeps them up-to-date, improving their understanding of their own proposal and how it relates to those of competitors. New employee onboarding is more streamlined and cost-effective.

– An effective time-saver

With the right tool, you can give your customers peace-of-mind, quickly providing them with the right answers and encouraging them to make a purchase decision.

How can you get Insuro Sales Support?

Insuro Sales Support is a license-based, digital tool specifically developed to meet the informational needs of insurance companies and brokers. With a user agreement with Insuro Technologies, you can access the service through your browser, without any expensive installation or integration costs. You can start creating value right away from your inbound and outbound customer calls.

Contact Insuro Technologies today and get a head start on the competition that can lead to higher sales, better customer support, and more loyal customers. We believe tomorrow’s insurance policies should be transparent, data-based, and personalized.

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