Insuro Home

A Secure and Sustainable Home Ownership

Insuro Home is a SaaS product that offers homeowners automatic notifications and proactive solutions to enhance their home security. Seamlessly integrating with existing smart home technology, the platform detects abnormal events like water flow irregularities or attempts to remove valuables, ensuring homeowners stay informed regardless of their location. This integration not only improves safety but also promotes sustainability by preventing water damage, fires, and break-ins.

By encouraging homeowners to actively participate, Insuro Home strengthens the relationship between homeowners and insurers, fostering a sense of partnership and mutual benefit. With comprehensive features such as energy and water consumption monitoring, real-time advice based on local weather and crime data, and a convenient home improvement log, homeowners gain control, reducing insurance-related costs and empowering sustainable decision-making.





Key benefits of Insuro Market

Proactive Protection

Insuro Home takes a proactive approach to home protection, empowering customers to take preventive measures and reduce the likelihood of costly insurance claims. By implementing Insuro Home, homeowners can identify and address potential risks before they escalate, saving them from financial burdens and providing peace of mind.

Sustainability Edge

With its focus on minimizing risks, water damages and fire incidents, Insuro Home not only safeguards homeowners' properties but also contributes to a more sustainable future. By reducing the occurrence of these events, Insuro Home helps homeowners decrease their environmental footprint.

Collaborative Security

Insuro Home goes beyond traditional insurance models by actively involving customers in the protection of their homes. By fostering a collaborative relationship, Insuro Home empowers homeowners to take ownership of their safety and security, encouraging them to actively participate in creating a safer everyday life.

IoT-Powered Smart & Safe Homes

Insuro Home provides a comprehensive IoT and smart home integration, allowing homeowners to have complete control over their home environment. By connecting and centralizing various smart devices and systems, Insuro Home offers convenience, efficiency, and enhanced safety, all in one solution.

Instant Risk Awareness

Leveraging local weather and crime data, Insuro Home delivers real-time advice to homeowners. By sending instant notifications about potential risks or adverse conditions, homeowners can make informed decisions and take prompt actions to prevent damages or losses, ensuring the safety and security of their homes and loved ones.

Home Improvement Log

Insuro Home simplifies the documentation process for home improvement projects. By providing a convenient solution to log and store photos, receipts, and documents, homeowners can easily track and manage their home improvement endeavors. This organized documentation not only helps in insurance claims, and prevent fraud, but also enables homeowners to monitor the progress of their projects and maintain a comprehensive record of their home's maintenance and upgrades.

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