The SMASH Platform

SMASH: The ultimate insurance platform for innovation, speed and agility.

Elevate your insurance business with Insuro SMASH – the leading InsurTech platform built for speed, agility, and innovation. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies like cloud, IoT, and AI, SMASH empowers swift development and enhancement of end-user services.

The SMASH platform offers flexible, scalable, and customizable features that enable insurers to adapt to their specific requirements and efficiently grow their business. From seamless integration to refined data analysis, SMASH equips insurers with the necessary tools to build strong customer relationships, personalize services, and maintain a competitive edge in the market. 

Key benefits wih SMASH

Seamless Integration

SMASH seamlessly integrates with existing business systems and third-party applications, ensuring a cohesive customer experience and adaptability to changing requirements.

Advanced Technologies

SMASH harnesses the power of cloud computing, IoT (Internet of Things), and AI (Artificial Intelligence) to drive innovation and efficiency. These technologies enable seamless data processing, real-time insights, and automation, empowering insurance companies to deliver exceptional services and experiences.

Flexible and Scalable Architecture

SMASH is designed with a flexible and scalable architecture, allowing insurers to adapt the platform to their specific needs. It enables easy integration with existing systems and supports future growth without compromising performance or requiring extensive IT infrastructure changes.

Customization Capabilities

SMASH is continuously evolving and enhancing its capabilities. Regular updates and additions of new features keep insurance companies at the forefront of technological advancements, enabling them to stay competitive in a rapidly changing market.

Refined Data Analysis

By providing refined and aggregated data from various sources, SMASH empowers insurers to gain comprehensive insights into customer needs and behaviors, leading to tailored services and risk prevention.

Continuous Improvement

Insuro Market allows insurers to analyze competitor offerings and optimize their pricing strategies. By leveraging market insights, insurers can offer customers competitive pricing options that deliver value while remaining cost-effective.




Key features powered by SMASH

Insuro Box

Insuro Box is a convenient and comprehensive platform that simplifies the management of belongings and insurance coverage. It consolidates receipts, photos, prices, current values, and insurance details, allowing customers to easily adjust their insurance levels for individual items. This empowers customers to evaluate their coverage and make timely adjustments, speeding up claim processing. The platform’s user-friendly experience and transparency contribute to enhanced customer loyalty and retention. Additionally, Insuro Box provides valuable data-driven insights for personalized offers and targeted services. With precise coverage based on actual item values, it minimizes the risk of under or over-insurance. Insurance providers can improve operational efficiency, increase customer satisfaction, and drive business growth through Insuro Box.

Insuro Car

Insuro Car is an advanced solution that combines smart AI and open API integration to improve car ownership safety and simplify insurance processes. By delivering real-time information and alerts on potential risks and road conditions, the platform empowers customers to make informed decisions and minimize accidents. Insuro Car’s data-driven insights also assist insurers in enhancing risk assessment and providing tailored policies, leading to increased road safety and customer satisfaction. With its focus on innovation, efficiency, and prioritizing safety, Insuro Car represents the future of car insurance, transforming the way insurers and customers interact and ensuring a secure and enjoyable driving experience.

Insuro Home

Insuro Home is a SaaS product that seamlessly integrates with smart home technology to provide homeowners with automatic notifications and proactive solutions, enhancing home security and promoting sustainability. By detecting abnormal events like water flow irregularities or attempts to remove valuables, homeowners stay informed regardless of their location, preventing water damage, fires, and break-ins. This proactive approach strengthens the homeowner-insurer relationship, fostering a sense of partnership, and empowering homeowners to make sustainable decisions while reducing insurance-related costs. With features such as energy and water consumption monitoring, real-time advice, and a convenient home improvement log, Insuro Home puts homeowners in control, creating a secure and eco-friendly living environment.

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